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Rugby League World Cup 2017: Papua New Guinea 50-6 Wales
Wales are thrashed 50-6 by Papua New Guinea in their opening game of the World Cup in Port Moresby.

'Jihadi Jack' charged with being IS member, Kurdish officials say
Kurdish officials in Syria say Jack Letts, from Oxford, has been charged with being an IS member.

US fishermen hope for Trump lifeline
Global competition has some fishermen in South Carolina looking to Trump for help.

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría - Madrid's enforcer for Catalonia
Spain's deputy prime minister is seen as a capable politician but one lacking in charisma.

Mexican Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel takes pole with Lewis Hamilton third
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel snatches pole position for the Mexican Grand Prix from Max Verstappen, with Lewis Hamilton third.

Mattis: North Korea nuclear threat accelerating
The US defence chief warns Pyongyang would face a "massive response" if it used nuclear weapons.

How credit cards came to dominate our wallets
From invention for "the professional man" to wallet staple - has it become too easy to spend money we might not have?

Is there a butter crisis in France?
Shoppers in France have noticed butter disappearing from supermarket shelves. Is there a crisis?

Premier League results: Man City & Man Utd win, Crystal Palace draw
Both Manchester clubs continue their dominance at the top of the Premier League, as Crystal Palace snatch a 97th-minute equaliser.

Brazil Amazon: Troops deployed after attack on federal buildings
The authorities say hundreds of illegal gold miners acted in revenge after their boats were seized.



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