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100 Women: 'Cheerleading is not just for women'
Despite movie stereotypes, there are very few all-female cheerleading teams in Brazil.

US fishermen hope for Trump lifeline
Global competition has some fishermen in South Carolina looking to Trump for help.

Somalia Mogadishu: Explosions rock capital
The Mogadishu bombings are claimed by al-Shabaab militants, two weeks after a blast killed hundreds.

ICYMI: Human catapult to tractor racing
From a human catapult to tractor racing, here are some events that you might have missed recently.

Catalan ex-leader Carles Puigdemont vows to resist takeover
Carles Puigdemont calls for "democratic opposition" to direct rule from Madrid.

Mattis: North Korea nuclear threat accelerating
The US defence chief warns Pyongyang would face a "massive response" if it used nuclear weapons.

Brazil Amazon: Troops deployed after attack on federal buildings
The authorities say hundreds of illegal gold miners acted in revenge after their boats were seized.

Iceland election: Voters go to polls after paedophile row
The country's second snap election in a year comes amid voter distrust following several scandals.

How credit cards came to dominate our wallets
From invention for "the professional man" to wallet staple - has it become too easy to spend money we might not have?

10 things to know about sleep as the clocks go back
The clocks are about to go back in the UK. How does sleep affect our lives?



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