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ICYMI: Human catapult to tractor racing
From a human catapult to tractor racing, here are some events that you might have missed recently.

Should Pakistan's students be told what to wear?
Should female students be told what to wear at university in Pakistan?

Brazil Amazon: Troops deployed after attack on federal buildings
The authorities say hundreds of illegal gold miners acted in revenge after their boats were seized.

Is there a butter crisis in France?
Shoppers in France have noticed butter disappearing from supermarket shelves. Is there a crisis?

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría - Madrid's enforcer for Catalonia
Spain's deputy prime minister is seen as a capable politician but one lacking in charisma.

10 things to know about sleep as the clocks go back
The clocks are about to go back in the UK. How does sleep affect our lives?

Asia's largest gay pride parade held in Taiwan
Taiwan's LGBT community are celebrating progress towards gay marriage and equality rights.

Mexican Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel takes pole with Lewis Hamilton third
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel snatches pole position for the Mexican Grand Prix from Max Verstappen, with Lewis Hamilton third.

Are too many tourists visiting Iceland?
An explosion in tourism has saved Iceland's economy. But in a country of just 300,000 people, how much tourism is too much?

Salon du Chocolat: Where the worlds of chocolate and fashion collide
The Salon du Chocolat fashion show in Paris saw models showcasing outfits made with chocolate.



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