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Catalan ex-leader Carles Puigdemont vows to resist takeover
Carles Puigdemont calls for "democratic opposition" to direct rule from Madrid.

UK submariners dismissed after drugs tests
Nine men were dismissed from duty from HMS Vigilant - which carries the Trident nuclear deterrent.

ICYMI: Human catapult to tractor racing
From a human catapult to tractor racing, here are some events that you might have missed recently.

Somalia Mogadishu: Explosions rock capital
The Mogadishu bombings are claimed by al-Shabaab militants, two weeks after a blast killed hundreds.

How a British blogger shook Australia's government
William Summers' investigative skills resulted in Australia's deputy prime minister losing his seat.

Salon du Chocolat: Where the worlds of chocolate and fashion collide
The Salon du Chocolat fashion show in Paris saw models showcasing outfits made with chocolate.

Polish doctors on hunger strike in healthcare row
They say the state must spend much more on healthcare and raise staff wages.

Is there a butter crisis in France?
Shoppers in France have noticed butter disappearing from supermarket shelves. Is there a crisis?

Mexican Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel takes pole with Lewis Hamilton third
Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel snatches pole position for the Mexican Grand Prix from Max Verstappen, with Lewis Hamilton third.

Review: Will Gompertz on Harry Styles's Paris gig ★★★★☆
Will Gompertz has been to the One Direction singer's Paris gig before the tour hits the UK.



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