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100 Women: 'Cheerleading is not just for women'
Despite movie stereotypes, there are very few all-female cheerleading teams in Brazil.

US fishermen hope for Trump lifeline
Global competition has some fishermen in South Carolina looking to Trump for help.

UK submariners dismissed after drugs tests
Nine men were dismissed from duty from HMS Vigilant - which carries the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Syria conflict: Siege leaves children starving near Damascus
Children living in a besieged area near the capital Damascus face a daily struggle for food.

Catalan ex-leader Carles Puigdemont vows to resist takeover
Carles Puigdemont calls for "democratic opposition" to direct rule from Madrid.

Under-17 World Cup final: Jubilant England players gatecrash interview
England's Under-17 World Cup winners gatecrash manager Steve Cooper and goalscorer Phil Foden's interview after a sensational performance in the final.

Mattis: North Korea nuclear threat accelerating
The US defence chief warns Pyongyang would face a "massive response" if it used nuclear weapons.

Greek man arrested over letter bombs sent to EU officials
The man was held in connection with devices sent to senior EU officials and the former Greek PM.

ICYMI: Human catapult to tractor racing
From a human catapult to tractor racing, here are some events that you might have missed recently.

Minister sorry for Weinstein BBC remark
The minister says comparing a BBC interview with a Harvey Weinstein encounter was an "attempt at humour".



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