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Iceland election: Voters go to polls after paedophile row
The country's second snap election in a year comes amid voter distrust following several scandals.

Asia's largest gay pride parade held in Taiwan
Taiwan's LGBT community are celebrating progress towards gay marriage and equality rights.

Week in pictures: 22-28 October 2017
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

Should Pakistan's students be told what to wear?
Should female students be told what to wear at university in Pakistan?

How a British blogger shook Australia's government
William Summers' investigative skills resulted in Australia's deputy prime minister losing his seat.

Tanzania deports lawyers accused of 'promoting homosexuality'
Police in Dar es Salaam accuse the group of 'promoting homosexuality' - a charge the lawyers deny.

Brazil Amazon: Troops deployed after attack on federal buildings
The authorities say hundreds of illegal gold miners acted in revenge after their boats were seized.

Somalia Mogadishu: Explosions rock capital
The Mogadishu bombings are claimed by al-Shabaab militants, two weeks after a blast killed hundreds.

Harvey Weinstein claims: Sopranos actress Sciorra alleges rape
Annabella Sciorra and Daryl Hannah are the latest actresses to level accusations against the mogul.

Paul Newman's watch sells for record $18m at auction
The watch was given to him by his wife Joanne Woodward as they filmed the 1969 movie Winning.



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