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Should Pakistan's students be told what to wear?
Should female students be told what to wear at university in Pakistan?

England win U17 World Cup: Young Lions fight back to beat Spain in final
England produce a superb comeback from 2-0 down to thrash Spain and win the Under-17 World Cup.

Week in pictures: 22-28 October 2017
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

Paul Newman's watch sells for record $18m at auction
The watch was given to him by his wife Joanne Woodward as they filmed the 1969 movie Winning.

Review: Will Gompertz on Harry Styles's Paris gig ★★★★☆
Will Gompertz has been to the One Direction singer's Paris gig before the tour hits the UK.

Minister sorry for Weinstein BBC remark
The minister says comparing a BBC interview with a Harvey Weinstein encounter was an "attempt at humour".

India's $100bn road building gamble to boost economy
The road building project may spur employment but growth, but tardy execution could come in the way.

A weird solution for noodle slurpers in Japan
Japanese noodle maker Nissin Foods has created a fork to cover up loud slurping noises. But why?

100 Women: 'Cheerleading is not just for women'
Despite movie stereotypes, there are very few all-female cheerleading teams in Brazil.

Is there a butter crisis in France?
Shoppers in France have noticed butter disappearing from supermarket shelves. Is there a crisis?



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