• Everyone can vote so many times he/she wants;
  • Every vote will be redounded in chart;
  • Chart will be updated at least once per 24 hours;
  • One vote costs 1 EUR, it's roughly 1.2 U.S. dollars (29th March 2006) USD rate at now;
  • You can give multiple votes at the same time;
  • Any given vote is conclusive and there no way to take it back or redirect it to the other contry, there are no refunding also;
  • Voter must be follow the instructions on voting page accurately;
  • Owner of Moneywars.net may change the rules any time by noticed it on news page;
  • Rules on this page are ultimate and if there will be some two ways about it, Moneywars.net owner will clarify how to interpret rules.



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